There are 239 well qualified full-time lecturers, 51 of whom are doctoral degree-holders.


With a special accent on communication skills, the syllabus for the General English programme has been thoroughly redesigned. With the new system of ‘Streaming', students are placed according to their proficiency levels in English into two categories, with each stream having its own syllabus, instructional materials and testing procedures. Language lab work is part of the curriculum.

Extension Services

Stress on service-orientation and social responsibility remains a significant component of our educational thrust. All first year students put in 50 hours of community service under the scheme ALERT. It is a mandatory requirement of the Degree Course. From 2012 an innovative programme called ALANA was added to provide more scope for the students to extend their services in the neighborhood schools.

Religious Instruction for Christian students and Value Education for all others are part of the curriculum.

Centre for Soft Skills

Equipped with the latest technology-based Language Lab, our College is forged to establish a full-fledged Centre for Soft Skills at the undergraduate level. The objective of the Lab is to enhance the English Communication Skills and the Soft Skills of the students, preparing them adequately for gainful employment as well as to meet the demands in their higher education. 

Loyola English Language Teaching (ELT) Centre

This four-and-a-half-year-old centre of excellence, which functions under the leadership of an ELT specialist, is equipped with resources for teacher development programmes in ELT and conducts ELT research and innovative experiments. The Centre is visited by a number of teachers of English from other colleges, schools and universities for availing themselves of the resources of the Centre and for guidance in ELT research. Besides, the Centre offers ELT consultancy and publishes books. Detailed information about the services of the centre is available at www.loyolaeltcentre.weebly.com

Special facilities for girl students

As part of the College's commitment to the cause of women's empowerment, ALC admits girl students into most of the UG and all PG courses. ALC Women's Cell is very active. A separate Girls' Waiting Room is available for day-scholars, and a separate Hostel, called Xavier Hostel, with accommodation for 210 students, is also available. Special encouragement is given to girl students in sports and games and cultural activities. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

Each department has an association with a Chairman and Office-bearers from among the students with a staff member as the Co-coordinator. The Departmental Associations organise co-curricular activities like science exhibitions, industrial visits, guest lectures and seminars as well as literary and cultural activities. A weeklong separate cultural festival called SPHOORTI is organized for the Degree students to bring out their hidden talents through inter-collegiate competitions. In addition, students of the College are encouraged to participate in many Inter-collegiate and National/State-Level competitions.

A cultural festival called ‘Ethnic Day’ is held every year to raise the students’ consciousness of their own culture and help them recognize and respect the cultures of others.

Participation in co-curricular activities like NCC, NGC or NSS is compulsory. The College has all the four wings of NCC, namely, Army, Navy, Air Wing, and Remount & Veterinary Regiment; and three divisions of NSS and NGC (National Green Corps).


This school of fine arts, which was established by the Loyola management in 1990 on the campus of ALC itself and is affiliated to the Gandharva University for Fine Arts, Maharashtra, offers training in both fine and folk arts to the students of this college as well as those from outside. The courses offered include music (Vocal and Instrumental), painting, and dance (Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam). The school is renowned not only for the courses it offers but also for its annual cultural event, Kaladarshini Cultural Festival.

Andhra Loyola Institute of Engineering and Technology (ALIET)

This 7-year-old engineering college, located on the campus of ALC itself, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and expertise, and offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering as well as business management. The faculties of both institutions are benefitted by mutual sharing of knowledge, skills and library facilities. Some of the faculty members of ALIET also utilize the research facilities in ALC. For details, please visit: www.aliet.ac.in

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